Mohammad Ali Taheri

Halqeh Mysticism (Erfan-e Halqeh) conforms to the framework of Iran’s native Erfan (mysticism). It consists of two aspects: theoretical (the world of tools) and practical (the world free of tools), and is based on the connection to the several Halqehes of the Interuniversal Consciousness, and the Divine Communal Mercy. Since Halqeh mysticism embraces all human being, everybody regardless of their race, nationality, religion, personal beliefs, gender, age, education, knowledge, experience, type of nutrition, exercise and so on, can make use of it. The fundamentals of Halqeh mysticism are: * Becoming connected (linkage or Ettesal) to the Divine Consciousness (or the network of Interuniversal Consciousness). * Identifying the Positive Network and the Negative Network, and avoiding the Negative Network. * Identifying anything other than God or instead of Him and avoiding it. * Identifying and differentiating Kamal from Power and moving toward Kamal. * Understanding the meaning and insight behind the ceremonies and rituals. According to Halqeh mysticism, all the achievements which are gained on the kamal’s pathway, are as the result of one’s eagerness and enthusiasm (Eshtiyaq). Therefore, in this branch of Erfan there is no emphasis on mortification, asceticism, and so on, and the only condition for benefiting from the Halqehes is becoming an impartial observer.